Friday, February 21, 2014

at home

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I recently moved -- into a bungalow, in Athens, with beautiful wood floors, nice clean light, high ceilings, and an awesome kitchen. I didn't photograph the kitchen today but I will soon. We were able to find a vintage refrigerator and it fits the space perfectly. The girl's room is beautiful and bright. I love this home.

I have been practicing and thinking about photographing spaces and settings for a huge, very exciting project that will be a big part of 2014 for me. It's something of a life dream to have this opportunity and I'll be excited to share about it when I can. I have had some beautiful shoots already this year -- I photographed artist Jenny Andrews in her Atlanta home for a spread in FOUR magazine, and meeting her, spending time and talking with her, was one of those experiences that makes me love this work. She is an incredible woman and a beautiful soul. This weekend, I'll be traveling to Atlanta to photograph artist Michelle Armas (again, so excited, she's amazing) in her studio and home for TrouvĂ© magazine's first print issue. My work with TrouvĂ© has been exciting and so satisfying, watching the hard work of everyone involved in that project come to fruition. I have some incredible weddings coming this year, several of which involve travel to the northeast. My work with The Seed & Plate is probably my favorite. We travel to farms, visit restaurants, eat in people's homes, test recipes, and meet amazing people. I love that way of life. 

More than anything I am excited about marrying my love and beginning our life together. Two weeks. I am eager for him to join us in this home. 


  1. It sounds like so many things are going your way :) Very happy to hear it and excited for you about this project.

    Love this interior so much. I love clean but warm spaces like this!

    What a lovely blog.

    rae of lovefromberlin

  2. It looks like a great place! :-)

  3. that's so incredibly exciting! congrats on the move and the bigs plans!

  4. Michelle Armas is amazing!!! Love your work Paige.

  5. Your place looks wonderful so far!
    I love the natural light and brightness of it!
    Waiting for more :)