Monday, February 17, 2014

treehouse kid & craft and the maker's summit

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I know my posts have been pretty slim lately but I am hoping that will change later this spring. 

Anyway, hello! I just want to quickly share about some teaching opportunities that I have coming up. The first: a workshop at The Maker's Summit on product photography and using images to promote your creative business. This summit for creative entrepreneurs meets in Greenville, SC on March 1st, and is such an incredible experience. I attended last year, and I left with so much worthwhile information and also new friendships that have since blossomed into wonderful opportunities. Also, the after party is worth the cost of attendance. Just FYI. 

Next, I'll be teaching a workshop at TREEHOUSE kid & craft, where I took the photographs above and which is easily my favorite shop in town. We'll be talking about the basics of photography, learning your camera and photographing people. The class meets April 2nd and 9th from 7-9 pm. This class is for adults and you can register for it here. There will be a couple more classes that I'll be teaching at Treehouse, including a summer camp for kids, but I'll wait for those to be a bit closer to share the details.  

I recently moved into a new home and am getting married in about two and a half weeks. So many good things are coming for us! I am excited to see the wedding come together and celebrate with family and friends. I am also excited to meet the lovely and talented Paige Jones who will be photographing that memorable day. In terms of my work and this blog, am eager to photograph the new house and share some other exciting things that have been in the works, but for now life looks a lot more like taking one things at a time. Even though it has been quiet here, I have loved being focused on my family and my home. Thankful for seasons of work and seasons of rest. 

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  1. I'm so excited to hear about your wedding!